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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Houston info - Schools and Shelters

Sounds like they're starting to get more serious with the exodus out of the city. I don't know how many will be coming to Houston, but the Houston Chronicle online is running this headline on the article:
Buses prepared to bring Superdome refugees to Astrodome

I know that there are many people already here in the area, so here's some information gleaned from local papers and school districts. Please note that this is by no means exhaustive. I'll update as I can and permanently link this post if it proves useful.


HISD has already announced measures to enroll and accommodate evacuated kids. KPRC is running an informative article here.

KISD (Katy) has just met, and I'm waiting for an official statement from them. They have told us informally, however, that they are enrolling; students can just go to the school local to where they are staying.

Cyfair - checking

Spring Branch - Checking


Other stations locally are now carrying the story about moving Superdome refugees to the Astrodome.... so I'm thinking that's real.

The Houston area Red Cross has opened six shelters, listed here. I also heard on the local radio this morning that they are asking for blood donations to replenish supplies. Much of their inventory has gone to the Katrina efforts.

Here are some warm fuzzies from around the area:

"Fire Department Takes in Evacuees"

"Good Neighbors in Houston"

And here's a bad one (this really ticks me off):

Houston-Area Hotel Charges $200 For $79 Room