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Sunday, August 28, 2005


When we were young and immortal, my friends and I would greet the periodic hurricanes that came through New Orleans with Hurricane Parties. We laughed in the face of the winds and knew (as all young people know) that nothing would hurt us.

I don't think they are laughing this morning in the Crescent City, and I'm definitely not amused, even from my distant perch in Texas. Katrina appears to be taking aim at the Big Easy - and I'm very worried.

I remember taking my father's canoe into the streets after tropical storms or other hurricanes, and entertaining myself by seeing if I could walk up MacArthur Blvd. against the waist-high floodwaters. Those were little bitty storms in comparison to what is coming.

We still have many friends there, and I don't know if they have evacuated. I hope so. I can't imagine there will be anything short of complete disaster there. Holding my breath...

I reached my friends, and unfortunately most of them are not able to get out. One of them is a police officer (and obviously critical), and his mother (my "second mom") just had surgery. She, and a daughter/grandchildren, have removed to a Methodist church that has four stories. Sadly, she could not take her animals with her.