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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Rumors are Rampant

Just a quick note -

Apparently, the Police Chief has said that things are actually calm in the Superdome, contrary to stories hitting the world. (Gotta tell ya - it makes me nervous to contradict CNN...) It is true that people are not allowed to leave, but then... where would they go? Hard to know what's real about now.

About the looting - folks, this is really out of control. Apparently, the Walmart in Algiers was looted for guns, beer, and jewelry. Food I could maybe understand.... but this sounds like complete and utter social breakdown. Scary.

There have also been some shootings, stemming from the looting, and a New Orleans Police Officer was shot. He is in the hospital, in stable condition (thank goodness!), and the shooter (who was also shot), is also in the hospital.

Finally - Slidell reports that the storm surge they experienced was fifteen feet high, and traveled more than a mile inland. Incredible.