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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Some Conflicting Reports about Mandatory Evacuation

It's not clear to me whether there has actually been a call yet for a full-scale evacuation. I've seen headlines that indicate this, but the articles don't sound definitive. I do hear a great deal of concern, and in that eventuality, it's sure hard to figure out how to get out of there!

I have just called to see whether there are known routes out of the area from the West Bank. I am told that the following roads are available:

Travel down the West Bank Expressway to Boutte.
At Boutte, get on I-310, and take it to either the Airline Hwy Exit (toward Baton Rouge), or take I-310 all the way to I-10.

I read somewhere (NOLA forums) that people should take Hwy 1 out of Boutte. Sandy says she understands Hwy 1 to be under water.

Also - one cannot get onto I-10 before Bonabel - the rr underpass and entrances are all flooded.