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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Some People Will Believe Anything

This blog was born in response to the intense emotions I had about Joseph "Jet" Duncan - the person who today stands accused of serial murders spanning (so far) 8 years. Even before recent connections were made to other murders, it was obvious to everyone who read his blog entries that he was in denial. He blamed society, his father, the government, the system - pretty much everybody.

His excuses and explanations were the typical convict denial (it's amazing how few guilty persons there are in prisons - just ask almost any of them!). But Jet also felt that he was persecuted and discriminated against by the sex offender registration laws, and resented being labeled. The first time I read the fifthnail blog, I could see that some people would agree with poor, misunderstood Jet's version of events, and it was the first article I wrote here as Polimom.

Sure 'nuf - surfing around the web this morning, I stumbled across some confused soul who thinks that the Groene atrocities could have been avoided if society were handling sex offenders differently.

Among many other naive perceptions, this individual seems to have believed everything Duncan said in his fifthnail blog. For instance, "Initially, he was enrolled in a treatment program, but when one of the program officers propositioned his mother, he dropped out. " Do ya think the program officer propositioned mom while Duncan was out peeping through windows? And how come ole Jet didn't mention that peeping, anyway?

The gullible blogger also wrote, "Here we can see how the label ‘sex offender’ hangs over the head of the former offender like the sword of Damocles. Media coverage and a public registry made Duncan’s name very familiar in his city and he often worried that he would be recognized. He also expresses trepidation in social situations as he is afraid of the reactions of people to finding out about his status. " I wonder whether the public registries caused him to grab, violently abuse, and then murder Anthony Martinez? Or Sammiejo White and Carmen Cubias? Puhleeeze!

I'm happy to say that after searching a bit online for more of this kind of rubbish, I was not able to find any more. However, I'm sure we're going to see and hear a LOT more about poor pitiful "Happy Joe", who only became "the Boogeyman" because everybody else made him. Folks - Level 3 Sex Offenders like Joseph Duncan are absolutely not safe to be in society. I personally could not care less how he felt about things, and I wish he'd been monitored even more closely than he was.


  • At 3:08 PM, Blogger Ma Justice said;

    Agreed. I, too, have seen some of the drivel out there basically calling HIM the victim! Outrageous, and you are right some people are in such serious denial that they will latch onto any hopeless case and use it to champion their own cause.

    Level 3 Offenders with a violent offense(s) like Joe Duncan are dangerous; they should NOT be released without completing intensive in-patient treatment [read: civil commitment]. Then they SHOULD be under the highest level of supervision, subjected to GPS and the works.

    If at any time during civil commitment, it becomes clear that he [or anyone like him, which thankfully is VERY FEW] is not able to change his thinking, therefore his behavior, then he should be committed permanently to an institution for the criminally insane. PERIOD.

    This would basically eliminate the need to watch EVERYONE, if we are taking care of the most dangerous, which is what the registry was intended for: the MOST DANGEROUS, VIOLENT AND HABITUAL offenders, then we transfer much more funding and attention into PREVENTION & EDUCATION programs, we will ALL be in a lot better shape.

    I am a mom and have 6 kids in my family... the horror and revulsion stick in my throat, too.

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