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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Update on New Orleans and Algiers

Panic is setting in, it sounds like. There are many reports now that looting is taking place on a large scale, and martial law has been imposed. WDSU.com has ongoing updates here: http://www.wdsu.com/weather/4913354/detail.html

It sounds as if there are several ships and barges that broke free (or were collided with by others) during the storm. I've been told by people on Algiers Point that one of the ships is on the levee further downriver (toward O.Perry Walker High School and the Police Station). Also, a barge is grounded near the Chalmette Ferry. My friends have been told that these vessels are not going to be tampered with, in hopes that the river levels will rise enough to re-float them. They can't risk trying to move them, or the levee could sustain major damage.

I'm also told now that the sky above the city is full of black smoke. That could be any number of things... none of them good.

Water still coming into the city itself, too. Most recent update at wwltv.com said, in part:

"The expectations are that the water will not stop until it reaches lake level."