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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Algiers Post-Rita (Are we there yet?)

I am sooooo ready for a party. What a month! But what’s the point of having a party when the hosts aren’t at home yet?

Yes, I know - many folks went into Algiers over the last couple of weeks. Some even stayed! But nasty Rita managed to confound officials all over again, and folks were getting turned back at the Parish line who had only gone out for groceries. (That has to have been incredibly frustrating!)

Between one thing and another, it’s still not clear whether anybody has remembered that Algiers was not under a mandatory evacuation, and they are allowed to be there. (Note: I’ve been told that particular communication failure has been fixed.)

There is news, however, about conditions and services in Algiers. It's posted in the forums, under "Information from Officials". (Click here for the latest release from Jackie Clarkson.)

So – Algiers came through Rita fine. No surprises. And the backseat of the car is again filled with chirpy voices, “Are we there yet? Can we go home now?” {smile}

Officially, the answer is… "We’re not sure”. Unofficially, if people don’t use the elevated expressway, there are numerous ways around and in. Of course, if I were planning to return from someplace like North Dakota or Alaska, I’d want something a little more concrete.

To that end, I’ve raised the question yet again. If there’s no official announcement by… say… noon on Monday, I think we’ll have to have another geography lesson for the Orleans officials. Til then, Algiers is still on hold – I think.


Update: Sept 24 4:00pm - I've posted an email in the forums for you to read, here. Also, a forum topic here to read.


  • At 1:20 AM, Blogger sugarfoot said;

    I'm so glad you guys were spared. Let's cross our fingers no more will enter the Gulf for the rest of the season...

  • At 8:16 AM, Blogger Kevin Herridge said;

    "I am sooooo ready for a party. What a month! But what’s the point of having a party when the hosts aren’t at home yet? "
    Dear Blogger,
    You must think positive! You only need two people to party...or, even one (with plenty of booze)! We have parties almost every night on the Point, usually when a friend/neighbor returns home. We've had parties for soldiers, Dry Dock parties, barbecues, dinner parties and even breakfast parties!!!

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