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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Another Day in the Asylum...

I feel like I'm spinning in circles. If somebody doesn't give the leadership and officials a metaphoric smack across the face to relieve the hysterics, I think we're ALL gonna go off the deep end.

The quote below is from a comment just posted to the polimom forums - a response made directly to Jeff Arnold's helpful but clearly uncirculated clarification about the re-entry. (Do the people at the checkpoints have access to Polimom? How about the Mayor??? Obviously not...)

"Algiers Lockdown Separates Families"

As I returned from work last night at about 6pm, and got off at the Terry Pkwy exit, and saw the NOPD roadblocks. There were others in cars ahead of me, some of whom apparently had already come back to Algiers, had gone to Jefferson to shop or work, and were trying to get back to their family. NOPD was powerless to do anything but say "contact the mayor's office," and tell them to turn around. Who knows where they spent the night.

The poor timing of Mayor Nagin's inept lockdown - absolutely no warning - is now separating families from the only person who can evacuate them properly - the one with the vehicle.

There's more to this intelligently written comment. I wish somebody in charge would read it, although that's pretty unlikely, when it's obvious the inmates are running the asylum...