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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Can I Come Stay With You?

If this just don’t beat all. They finally give the green light for Algiers to go home, and it already feels like stealing home plate. Do you run for it? Or hunker down in the current “safe” location. Just at the moment, the answer to that question depends on one’s definition of safety, and the whims of the weather gods.

Rita is now a hurricane, but there is a bit of good news this morning. The NHC computer models have a slightly better outlook for the battered Louisiana coast, and also for the hosts of so many in the SE Texas area. As one of the many in the region trying to hang on to my sanity, I'm following the Chronicle's SciGuy blog - he's excellent, and occasionally prescient.

For those folks who are sheltering anywhere in the Houston area, though, it must feel somewhat karmic. This family, for instance, must be frazzled beyond belief (from the Houston Chronicle):

Just-settled family may have to flee again

Myself – I’m sitting in Katy, about 20 miles west of Houston. We’re unlikely to have any major problems here, and even if Rita runs straight up the ship channel from Galveston, we'll probably be okay. It’s a bit of a gamble, as ever. Maybe if Rita heads my way, I can go stay with folks in Algiers…?