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Friday, September 23, 2005

Finally - A (very) Little Bit...

It feels as if I've been waiting for Rita for years, not days. At last, she's starting to make an entrance. Wind predictions for our area, tonight, are for gusts 50-60 mph. So far, I'd estimate them at about half of that.

We've been watching the storm's progress on our local radar as the outer edges slowly moved further inland, and about 3 hours ago, we were finally able to see the line of clouds to the east.

It was beautiful, in fact. The sky directly above was an intense, almost electric blue, with very dark grey-green clouds scudding across. And amazingly, there was a rainbow spanning the sky, framing the coming darkness.

So - with flashlights placed strategically around the house (but hopeful the power will hold), we're ready. And we're relieved...


  • At 9:47 PM, Blogger cvmurph said;

    9:38 The wind has been howling all day under a very grey sky. Rain has passed through in brief ferocious blasts. I have more to worry about with night fall, as our neighborhood is lined with piles of debris from "Katrita, Pt. I". I am located in Jesuit Bend, a little south of Belle Chasse. We are now officially in the NE quadrant, with frequent tornado warnings/watches being posted on local news alerts. I don't feel in mortal danger at this point, but the prospect of the torrential rain which is expected for the next 2 days is a real pain! Just get it over with! PLEASE!

  • At 9:55 PM, Blogger azulterra23 said;

    I don't have an idea how religious you are, I try to be a little. A rainbow in the sky is a simbol in the Bible, representing the mercy of God. I know that even if all of this is looking so dark and grew, like those clouds, He is watching over all of you. We keep praying this pases as fast as it can and all of you can be leaving normal lifes again, but with the experience that life is special thing and that we have to do the best we can to live it with love and helping others around. You already know the feeling of serving others. What a gift from heaven you have!!!
    I keep reading your blog and hoping the best.

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