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Saturday, September 24, 2005

I Need a Better Diet

The constant influx of floods, storms, death, and destruction is taking a toll on my normally good humor.

In stressful times, some people eat chocolate, while others gorge on cherry pie (my personal favorite). This works really well on a short term basis, but in the face of nearly five weeks of non-stop stress, even the most devout chocoholics are running some risks with this approach. By now, there’s not much point in going through the trouble of actually ingesting the stuff – may as well just tape those morsels right onto your hips.

In hopes of finding lighter material to talk about this morning – just for a novel change of pace – I went everywhere I could think of online… and guess what? I found even MORE death and destruction. It’s everywhere. No wonder I’m getting depressed!

We all know that National Obesity is a real problem – it’s yet another of the really depressing things frequently in the news. Maybe the problem with Fat America (excuse my bluntness) is the result of non-stop comfort food? Seriously! (Okay, maybe not totally serious…)

For my own mental health, I finally went to my two fail-safe sites: Dave Barry’s Blog, and The Onion. I’m happy to say they both delivered precisely what I needed – some fat free stress relief.

You may or may not agree with the political slants at either of those sites, but as Dave said, in an interview earlier this month,

“Oh yeah. First of all, anxiety is a good source of humor. Bad times equals good humor. People love -- going back to what I said -- we love that release that comes from being able to just laugh for a minute at how bad things are."

Go eat.