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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Just Keep Breathin'

In... and out.... Breathe, Polimom.... relax....

lol - sort of.

If anyone had asked me a week ago whether Katy was a good place to be (in this area) for a hurricane, I'd have said yes. I may even have had the conversation with a few of you! But that was in the abstract, and I was visualizing the many lesser storms I've ridden out in the past.

The truth of the matter is, we're on the wrong side of this storm's track. I'd be thrilled if somebody could share some wind projections that differ from those I've already seen, because the ones I've looked at indicate that Katy will likely have winds roughly 20 mph from whatever Houston gets. In fact, unless I'm totally reading all this wrong, the winds here may be higher than the projections for Galveston.

Thankfully (for us in Katy) we will not have problems, at all, with storm surge. We're much too far inland. The coastal residents are facing a truly dire threat. For us, it's just the wind, and possibly tornadoes. Knowing that, I found this statement, from weather.com, immensely comforting:

If there is any good news at this point, it is the fact that it is very difficult for a hurricane to maintain category 5 status for an lengthy period of time. Near-perfect to perfect atmospheric conditions are necessary for a category 5 hurricane to exist and these "perfect" conditions are first - difficult to come by and second - do not remain in place for a long period of time. So although Rita is currently a category 5 hurricane, fluctuations in intensity is likely.

About half of the neighbors on my street are evacuating. The few gas stations here that are not sold out have hour-long lines. There are no batteries, plywood, or bottled water at any of the stores near here.

I gotta tell ya - it's really hard to think straight, when a Cat 5 Hurricane with sustained winds of 165 mph is moving toward you. Rita really needs to back down some.


  • At 6:57 PM, Blogger Lee Keller King said;


    I would anticipate the storm's intensity to start decreasing as soon as the eye makes landfall, if not sooner. The storm engine is driven by the warmth of the Gulf and when it goes over land, it loses its main source of energy.

    It does look like you will be on the "dirty" side of the storm. Has the National Weather Service predicted landfall yet?


  • At 7:02 PM, Blogger charleyh said;

    Polimom, just know you are in my prayers. You sustained me and informed me during Katrina and, although I am still not back in my Algiers home, you made it possible for me to know I will be. Surely God will smile down on you for your good deeds. My arms are around you - keep the faith!

  • At 8:01 PM, Blogger Polimom said;

    The NWS is predicting landfall late Friday night/early Saturday morning, last I heard.

    Thanks for the warm thoughts! I wish you were all home in Algiers, so I could come see you!

  • At 9:11 PM, Blogger azulterra23 said;

    Many people has you and your dear ones in prayers. I really hope all this is over soon without much damage specially on people. Please don't stop writing (as much as you can of course)
    Do you have all what you need in your home?

  • At 9:18 PM, Blogger Polimom said;

    I'll keep writing - you can count on it! I have great fun talking to myself out loud (so to speak).
    And yes, we're pretty well set, I think, with what we need... thanks so much for asking!

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