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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

More of the Same

Late last night, Representative Jeff Arnold posted an update. I know you'll all be stunned to hear that, "The City of New Orleans according to State Police is still closed."

An Algerine posted an excellent comment, which I've taken the liberty of quoting:

"My wife and I (and our 2 cats) evacuated to Texas where she has family. Our home is in Algiers Point, and I work for Pelican Publishing Company in Gretna. I have an entry pass for Jefferson Parish from Aaron Broussard to return to work at Pelican and help "Jumpstart Jefferson" after this Katrina tragedy. Mayor Nagin needs to realize that by keeping Algiers closed, he is working AGAINST the Jefferson Parish attempt to rebuild, since I'm sure I'm not the only Algiers resident who has a job waiting in a neighboring westbank town.

Mayor Nagin has enough problems on his hands without listening to the pleas of Algiers residents to return home.
He needs to realize that he will make more progress in rebuilding by letting people back into the areas that CAN be rebuilt. I hope that
Aaron Broussard will put pressure on Mayor Nagin to let those of us in Algiers who are vital to the Jefferson Parish workforce return and start rebuilding our LIVES."

Now, Jefferson Parish has enormous problems of its own, but whatever one may say for or against their leadership, there are some take-charge folks over there. From the most immediate chaos after the storm to today, they have been making proactive decisions. They have jobs starting back up and people have been in to secure their homes.

The parishes of the Greater New Orleans area are economically co-dependent, and as recent posts and comments are beginning to show, the ongoing confusion in Orleans is likely to have an impact on the surrounding efforts. I can't imagine the Jeff. Parish folks aren't concerned.


  • At 4:48 PM, Blogger bgstfs said;

    Polimom: Did you see this?

    from the TP

    Nagin says some residents can return Monday

    In a drastic revision of earlier predictions, New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin said today that he expects to begin allowing residents in areas that did not flood to return to their homes. Those areas are Uptown, Algiers, the Central Business District and the French Quarter.

    Potable water may be available in some of those areas by the end of next week, Nagin said.

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