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Thursday, September 01, 2005

News - and Requests - from the Point

We're working to get some organization into place on the Point. As has been posted elsewhere, Vinnie Pervel and others are still there, doing their best to hold things together. As it happens, Vinnie's van has now been car-jacked. He is okay, but his transportation is gone. Grrrrrr........

NOTE: Vinnie's number went out earlier (he was fine with it), but he's getting slammed now. I'm working on an Algiers-specific forum, where we can get the issues sorted by topic, street, etc. Until that comes online in a bit, could you please hang on w/ requests about specific addresses?

Some topics I'm trying to bring online right now:
Neighborhood-wide issues
Street-specific discussions

Another topic that I will NOT put in the public forum concerns available supplies. If you have items still in your home that would be useful to the people trying to hold the Point together, please email me directly at polimom@hotmail.com. Please - do NOT use the comments function of this blog to post any information about contents of homes. (I know you understand why...)

If you have other topic ideas, let me know.

Last item for now - My friends and family are all pulling out sometime today, and I have now lost my ears completely into other parts of Algiers. I've been sent several phone numbers for folks still there, but all circuits are busy. Don't know when, or if, I'll be able to give any specifics about other parts of Algiers for a while. I'm so sorry...

More later...


  • At 12:43 PM, Blogger Jeff said;

    I too am greatful for you effort and everyone in the Point who is risking life and limb to watch over our cherished properties. I have a large bldg on the 400 block of Elmira. Hope all is surviving from Katrina's second worst blow, LOOTER's :(

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