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Friday, September 02, 2005

A Night for Sleep

It's night again, everybody.

However far you had to journey to be able to read this, here in the Central Time Zone, it's been dark for a while. I really do hope that everyone can get some rest for a change, whether they're still in their houses or camped out on a motel room floor. Everyone certainly needs it.

Now that the troops have arrived, I'd like to think gunfire will stop. I never for a minute believed the official line given to me today about how all that shooting was only happening on the east side of the river. (Did they actually think that was believable?) Now that evacuees are arriving at destinations and checking in, more and more stories of the incredible insanity are being told - by people who were in it.

One of the people sheltering here with me in Texas told me she could only afford to have five incidents.... because while she did have a gun, she only had five bullets. When she was awakened two nights ago and confronted by a man's face looking into her window, she decided that five probably wasn't going to be enough.

I'm told that the police who are patrolling the Point are being quite resolute about people staying in their houses. I'm pretty confident that the residents, at least, will abide by that, if only to leave a clear target.

I'm relieved beyond words to see control coming in. Not a moment too soon.

Maybe tomorrow, we can start thinking about what's coming next. Until then, I wish everyone a quiet night.


  • At 9:50 PM, Blogger Tomkub1960 said;

    Thanks Polimom... I can't tell you how much this website has helped us. I hope and pray everyone has a quiet night.

  • At 10:33 PM, Blogger Debbie said;

    Thanks Polimom for all of your information...I am from Lower Coast English Turn area now in north La. My husband and a small band of neighbors stayed and have been patroling Lower Coast on horseback, armed with guns. On Wed, police took them to Breaux Mart and allowed them to take food, water and supplies. My brother in law has returned to his home in Luling, no electricity-using generator, have phone, gas and water to flush toilets. He tried to come to Algiers/Lower Coast today, but was stopped just outside of Luling on Hwy 90. No one is allowed in at this time. He said the Luling Winn Dixie is letting 5 people at a time in and rationing groceries. This encourages me to beleive we will be allowed to return to Algiers soon and stay if we want or collect possessions and leave. A Park Timbers resident posted info on NOLA.com tonight, that military and police staging area is being set up at Harrys Ace Hardware on Gen. Meyer. Good Night

  • At 1:45 AM, Blogger Stef said;

    Hi Polimom,

    I thought my Algier's Point neighbors would like to see this website. I certainly felt better knowing that my house is still standing.


    Thanks Again,
    Stephanie...(714 Opelousas Ave.)

  • At 4:49 AM, Blogger Mac said;

    polimom--I'm well outside the area, and willing to make phone calls, or help however else I can. I check this blog several times a day, and cannot thank you enough for your cool head and continued communication. Please just let me know if there is anything I can do. My email addy is available under my blogger profile.

  • At 7:32 AM, Blogger Christine Jordan said;

    Thanks Polimom. I really appreciate you working around the clock to keep us all informed about what's really happening and not happening in our neighborhoods. Your site is so important in helping people hang onto to their sanity amidst all the madness.

    If anyone has information about my house at 805 Opelousas and my mother's next door at 712 Belleville, please email me. (See my blogger profile.)

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