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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Polimom is a Blogger

This is a blog. What that means is that I post opinions... and I'm fixin' to do just that. This is NOT official information, but merely my own thoughts on the matter, bolstered by information coming to me from Algiers. (Official information is confined to polimom.com.)

The official line about returning to Algiers is still (as near as I can tell), "Not yet". I understand, intellectually, why this is. Much of the area is still without power (although it's coming back fast - Eliza St. is back on now). There are downed power lines, some of which may now be live. There's no gasoline for cars or generators.

However, I was just called by the people on the Point who have been trying so hard to keep your pets and homes safe. They can no longer enter houses, even with permission from the owner. The National Guard was understanding, but said they cannot enter anywhere without a house key. (Again, I fully see why this would be.)

The truth is, people are getting into Algiers just fine. Quite a few of them have gone to their homes, secured against further damage (tarps and boards...), rescued their pets, and left again. Some have stayed.

Being part of Orleans Parish, but relatively undamaged, seems to be a disadvantage for Algiers residents at this point in time. Information is unclear, and often irrelevant. I'm sure it's not deliberate... but it is what it is.

I cannot advise anyone on whether they should return to secure their homes right now. Everybody will have to make their own decisions. I'm pretty sure, though, that if it were me, I would be going.


  • At 8:46 PM, Blogger Rachel said;

    So how does one actually find out if they can enter their neighborhood? My parents have asked that I return in their stead to clean up and survey and salvage, butmy brother protests, saying don't bother driving 10 hours to get there-you can't come in unless you have a "pass." What is up with that?

  • At 8:03 AM, Blogger Rebecca said;

    We know a guy who returned yesterday not to the Point but to Tall Timbers. He drove from Jackson, MS to DeGaulle, met us there with some supplies and went to his house without a problem. Stay on the upper level of 90 (Westbank Expressway) and you shouldn't have any trouble. Some folks from here are driving to Marrerro and back looking for gas, some going as far as 3127 in order to find it, but they are leaving AND getting back with no problem at all. We filled up every time our tank got to 3/4 of a tank and did that all the way home. Do that. There IS no gas but rumors abound that there will be soon down toward Manhattan. Jefferson Parish on the Westbank is really pushing for business owners to return and get their businesses up and running.

    To just get in and clean up and salvage, shouldn't be a problem. Heck, we've seen lots and lots of UHauls and Ryders coming in, getting stuff, and leaving. Makes us sad that they're leaving, but there shouldn't be a problem getting in.

  • At 7:18 PM, Blogger george said;

    Been home (Walnut Bend) several times, have secured my home and was starting to do emergeny repairs on neighbor's houses. Tried to go back in today only to be turned around by Hier Brousards jack-booted thugs on hwy 90 b/f parish line. Couldn't talk my way pass so after sitting in traffic for over 2 hrs. I had to turn around. Funny thing is, on way back to temp home in LaPlace I noticed there was not traffic backed up on Airline. Drove right in to East Jeff w/o so much as a look by police. went to EJMC and got my shots, checked out 2 in-laws houses and drove back out, no trouble. Maybe East Jeff. to Huey P.? Will try tomorrow.

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