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Friday, September 02, 2005

Some items from the mail

Here are a couple of things that have been burning a hole in my inbox. Also - I recommend that everyone try to read the various comments that are sometimes posted to particular updates/articles. There's info there, too. I've tried to move through them, but I'm sure I've missed some things.

Okay, here we go:

Rue Parc Fontaine condos management says:

"We regret that we have not been able to enter the area and cannot do so until the local authorities allow us to do so. We are attempting to set up an information site on our website http://www.shadowlakemgt.com/. Please keep checking back."

Some thoughts on traveling, or finding gas if you are trying to move about the surrounding areas:

"My strategy has to go to the off roads and the poorer areas and I have consistently got gas- you will not find it without a long wait on the main routes. Misssissippi up north is littered with downed trees... Heading North east would work, likely 55 to wherever you can turn left to civilization..."

I have been / will be passing along the many messages I've received for Vinnie and his neighbors.

From their side - so far, their (somewhat augmented, thanks!) supplies are holding up well. The main item on the current "wish list" is gasoline. I've heard from several folks about gas cans here and there, but since it has never been specifically requested, it may be that there is a lot more out there.

And to those who have sent information about supplies available in your homes - I've contacted several of you directly, as the need came up. If you haven't heard from me, it is because the call for more (of something or another...) has not come. The OPFD, which is set up in the firehouse on Opelousas also has my number, for the same reason. Thank you, everybody.