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Monday, September 19, 2005

An Update - Sort of...

I can't find anything, anywhere, about whether Algiers residents can continue to come home, now that the re-entry has been suspended. And as ever, there's nobody to ask. Here are the mentions I can find that seem most relevant to the situation for Algerines on the road, in the current press:

From NOLA.com:

"New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Monday urged residents to cancel any plans of returning to the city due to the threat posed by Tropical Storm Rita."

From WWLTV.com:

"Nagin also urged everyone already settled back into Algiers to be ready to evacuate as early as Wednesday."

My interpretation of all this (and it's merely my opinion) is - while they may not stop entry to Algiers coming up the West Bank Expwy. tomorrow, it may not gain much if they order an evacuation Wednesday. If you're somewhere comfortable and they'll put up with you another day or two, you might want to stay put. It will be very hard to find shelter anywhere on the Gulf Coast if they have to evacuate again.

If I get some official input that suggests some other course of action, I'll let you know.


  • At 8:00 PM, Blogger gkocke said;

    i'm guessing a good number of people went into algiers today. with those who are there going into jefferson for supplies (home depot on stumph, etc.), how are they going to know who is coming in new and who has been there since monday or before?

    as of 8pm on monday night, algiers is under a voluntary evacuation.

  • At 10:57 PM, Blogger charleyh said;

    Once again, we must all pray for N.O. as well as any other area in Rita's path. When will it all end............?

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