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Monday, September 12, 2005


There seems to be a consensus this morning about the question of a return, however briefly, to Algiers. We received an update from Rep. Jim Tucker, and I've promoted all recent correspondence to the polimom.com home page for wider review. We also have Rep. Jeff Arnold communicating directly with you now. All of these types of communication are in the "Information from Officials" forum.

Related to returning: I recommend reading both the comments in the blogs, and postings in the forums. People are indeed coming and going, but it is not always smooth. Here's something from the mail that underscores the current short-sightedness:

"I live in Algiers right off General Myer down from the Breaux Mart. Today (Sunday 9/11) I had power on at my house around 5:30 pm. I went back to my friends house in LaPlace to get my belongings, plus my company in ST. Rose is up and running and I'm working everyday. I had planned to go and stay at my house tonight, but the Jefferson Parish Police denied me access to my house. I was on interstate 90 / westbank expressway. My question is, if I have power at my house and I'm working why can't I pass through Jefferson Parish. I worked today and didn't get off until 8:00pm. I had to come back to my friends house and stay."

Finally - a quick administrative note: Many folks are posting and writing about rental property. I've opened a new forum (Real Estate) so people can hopefully find one another more easily.

Update 9:30 am: The question about Schools is coming up in a lot of correspondence. There is a forum for this, also. I think (imho) this question needs to be emphasized.

More later...