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Saturday, September 03, 2005


Some from the mail and some from the phone. All from Algiers...

"We can't fire a warning shot - shooting will bring armed residents from all around the area immediately. I feel really sorry for looters who try to come in here."

"My brother-in-law had been uptown in the Carrolton/Claiborne area with no way to get out. I told him that my pickup was in Algiers with a full tank of gas if he could get to it.

He and a neighbor and 2 dogs were able to make their way up to the bridge area, get on a hijacked RTA bus (with the dogs-which no one wanted to let on) and cross the bridge. They let them out on Stumpf Blvd.and they walked up in to the Point.
Upon reaching my home they found my truck with a flat tire. Could be why it had not been stolen. Also there is lock on the gas cap - so no one had siphoned. They were able to change the tire while shooting was going on up the street on Vallette with help from the Griffins across the street. Apparently the Griffins questioned them extensively before remembering him as my brother in law and helping with the tire. Thank you to the Griffins for helping out. I truly owe them one."

"It was a very quiet night here on "our" block watch. We heard some gunfire, but it was some distance from us."

"We have access to a cigarette machine, but it has stopped taking quarters. Still takes bills, though..."

"In the night, we saw a mini-convey of police patrolling - about 3 cars together. They passed by several times."

More later...


  • At 2:16 PM, Blogger Rebecca said;

    We just got off the phone with some other displaced folks who are currently in Lafayette. One of the guys had been in and out of the point four times with Entergy I think.

    At any rate, what he said was that it was totally unsafe, that there was no way we could come in and help out, that there was rampant gunfire everywhere. Basically a worst case scenario, HOWEVER, and this is a big however, he had not made it to the Point he had been on the Westbank down further.

    For us it's a matter of principal, not really about "stuff." We are considering making an attempt early in the week to come home and at least assess the situation, although we'd rather shop along the way, bring in supplies to those of you still on the ground and stand our own ground in a manner of speaking.

    What we heard from him is a totally different picture of Algiers than I'm reading on this blog. My husband and I are of the opinion that what we're seeing on the blog can't all be wrong.

    Clearly there is a danger. And we understand that. But it seems to us that those on the ground there could use some reinforcement and some pbj's and cigs if nothing else. We know that we will be encouraged NOT to come back, but again, for us it's a matter of principal and if someone can walk in from Carrolton, we don't know why we can't somehow sneak in and help the people in our little corner of the universe a little.

    Please advise. Direct email can be sent to us at Blukokyan@aol.com. We will be anxious to hear what those on the Point have to say and would be willing to figure out how to procure something that is desperately needed on our way back.

    At this point we're considering heading your way Tuesday. We just can't sit here with our thumbs up our butts when we could be there helping string aluminum cans if that's what we have to do. (Brilliant alarm system, btw!)

    Any info to help us help you would be appreciated.

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