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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dreaming the Drums of War

Maybe I’m just imagining things, but I think I’m hearing drums in my sleep. So far, they’re pretty arrhythmic – but they're definitely getting louder, and I’ll be very concerned when they steady into the pulsing, marching beats of war. One would think the musicians would be ready for a rest, but it doesn't sound that way to me.

Just at the moment, the warm-ups sound unfocused, possibly enhanced by the confusion over who will direct the orchestra in the coming months. We’re likely to have a clearer idea about the conductor, though,
tomorrow. If not Cheney, perhaps Condi can step in and lead.

Thus far, there are many possible symphonies on the proposed program. There’s a persistent staccato beat, accompanied by French cymbals, that seemed strong earlier this week, but the
Syrian percussion section doesn’t seem to be fully engaged yet. Hard to have a solo war...

On the other hand, a
competing drum has picked up volume in recent days in Iran, and there’s definitely a possibility there for a full orchestra engagement. I sense the brass section warming up in the wings of Western Europe, and the Iranians are no doubt hoping for support from many of their neighbors, particularly given the recent inflammatory cacophony about “wiping Israel off the map”. Still, many in that section of the pit are not interested.

Of course the line about Israel isn’t particularly original – but it sure is an attention-getter. Better yet, the US wouldn’t be playing that particularly concert alone. Everybody will be able to join, as
Israel blares their trumpets right back.

War against the western infidels would be a persuasive movement, particularly as interest begins to
wane in Iraq. Elections and political processes tend toward harmony – hardly conducive to war.

About the only totally off-key section going at the moment (in my ears at least) is the tinkling chime of a triangle, being
furiously played by Chavez in Venezuela. If he wants to play on the global stage, he’s going to have to hit his oil gong; otherwise, nobody will hear him over the growing din. So far, he’s been pretty easy to ignore…

Of course, it could all just be my imagination.