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Monday, October 17, 2005

Fund Established for Wounded Officer

This is from the email. I am posting it to the world, both to widen the message about the fund, but also to demonstrate - yet again - how Algiers is still thinking as a community.

Shortly after Katrina struck, while many of us had evacuated, there was a story online [about] a New Orleans Police Officer having been shot in the head by looters in Algiers. This incident occurred at the Chevron(?) gas station on General DeGaulle near the CCC (east) exit ramp, next to the Baptist school. The alleged shooter and fellow looters were apprehended by some Gretna Police officers who arrived on the scene. I am deeply grateful for the assistance they provided the NOPD.

I learned this week that the officer who was shot is, Officer Kevin Thomas. You may recognize Kevin as he was formerly Algiers' Crime Prevention Officer. Captain Kirsch, Fourth District Commander reported that Officer Thomas is recuperating in a Dallas (?) Texas hospital. He has had multiple surgeries to remove bullet fragments from his brain and reconstructive surgery.

State Representative Jeff Arnold has opened an account for Officer Thomas at the First Bank & Trust in Algiers. If you wish to make a donation, you may do so at any First Bank & Trust [location], just mention his name.

I hope that the local and national media follow-up on this story. I think it is time that they talked about the heroes of Katrina rather than the negatives...

First Branch & Trust branch information is posted here, or call (504)-586-2640 to reach the bank directly.

I hope the media follow up too.