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Saturday, October 15, 2005

I'm an American Girl

I really wanted to write about the “Millions More March”. In fact, I’ve been trying for days to organize my thoughts enough to make sense – and I simply can’t do it. I’m too conflicted, too frustrated… too tired.

I did, however, find something energizing to talk about in today’s
Houston Chronicle. It seems that the religious right is targeting the American Girl company for its support of Girls, Inc.

Bologna and hogwash!

Not only am I a grown up girl, I’m a parent who is responsible for the care and feeding (so to speak) of an American girl – a child in whom I’ve invested every effort to promote strength of character, independent thought, and freedom of choice as an individual. I proudly subscribe to the American Girl magazine, and thanks to current publicity, I plan to buy an “I Can” bracelet for both myself and my daughter. In fact, I can show my support even faster by going to a Bath and Body Works store at my local mall to buy them.

It will be gratifying to know that my money will help support Girls, Inc - an organization that has, since 1864, “provided vital educational programs to millions of American girls, particularly those in high-risk, underserved areas.”

I disagree profoundly with any attempt to limit, or stereotype, an entire gender. Those who wish to determine my life, or my daughter’s, by their views, widely overstep the boundaries. Their opinions or approaches are theirs – until they attempt to encroach upon mine.

The religious right is dividing America, just as surely as the promotion of “race” as a viable concept is, and I’m disgusted by the continuous intolerance and misinformation. Publications like The Conservative Voice, purportedly speaking for the religious right, increase my skepticism and rejection of their entire agenda. They lose credibility with every inflammatory article like
this one.

I’m astounded by the breath-taking short-sightedness of this attack – and I strongly resent the underlying agenda.


  • At 11:13 PM, Blogger nolagirl_8 said;

    All I could think when I read that Million Man March thing was, "Oh my God". Don't they know that New Orleans is made up of all races and reglions, and that Hurricane Katrina did not discrimate when it chose to bring this city to its knees? The ninth ward is/was a multicultural neighborhood. There is no conspiracy to destroy anyone's neighborhood, there never was and never will be. Surely any intelligent person would know this. This is only hurting this city more.

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