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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Limited Unlimited

So many wonderful emails.... so little time.... lol. Had to share this, though. Many folks may recognize the conversation.

Our broadband comes up for a few hours here and there, mostly during the night. I called [our provider] and got several different answers, none of them definitive, although [they were] great and credited everyone for the month of September. But getting online is difficult these days as my modem driver apparently didn't LIKE dial up any more than I did and now I'm having issues with that.

Which brings me to the new definition of "unlimited." I have long distance service with AT&T. Have had for years and just left it that way. Plus they had an unlimited plan which was a great help.

Three days ago I tried to make a call with an area code. Got a busy signal. Couldn't get there from here. Figured it was a glitch. It continued. So I called AT&T this morning. Was informed that I had "exceeded my unlimited plan", probably by using the dial up through [another state] since the NOLA lines weren't working.

I was confused. I asked, "But I have the UNLIMITED plan."

"Yes, but you exceeded it."

"Well, if it's unlimited then it's unlimited. How can I have exceeded unlimited?"

"Ma'am, I'm sorry but we blocked many numbers in Louisiana for exceeding their unlimited plans."

"But unlimited means WITHOUT LIMITS right?"

"Well, no, there are limits."

"Okay, WHAT is the limit?"

"Ma'am, I'll have it unblocked in the next two hours."

So no answer, no new definition of unlimited, but she was a woman of her word and it got unblocked. I'm getting very good at sitting on hold.