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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Racism in the Next Generation

We need to stomp down – hard – on those in our society who are, in fact, racist. It could not matter less to me, personally, whether the vicious racist attitudes are being spouted by white, black, green, or purple people - we need to publicly shame anyone who spouts this ugliness.

For instance – ABC News recently ran a story about the warped and disturbed twin girls from California called “
Prussian Blue”. Barely into adolescence, they are singing poisonous white supremacy garbage into the shared air of our country. Just as pretty as little blonde Barbie dolls, they are positively revolting.

They do not speak for me, and unlike Ted Shaw, who said, "It breaks my heart to see those girls spewing out that kind of garbage," my heart is not broken. My stomach is heaving. I do, however, agree with part of a statement given by the girls themselves:

In a recent interview with the magazine Viceland, they were asked what was the "most important social issue facing the white race right now". They replied: "Not having enough white babies born to replace ourselves and generally not having good quality white people being born."
My goodness, I’m stunned at such self-insight by girls of this age. Yes, these "children" are indeed very poor "quality”.

"Prussian Blue" is not the product of ignorance or prejudice. Those problems can be worked with. This is deliberately fostered, vicious, nasty, ugly racism. I reject these concepts out of hand, I am disgusted by anyone who supports them, and although I am a human being who generally believes in the good of most people, these girls, their family, and their "fans" are positively repulsive.