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Monday, October 10, 2005

Some Monday Morning Miscellany

I had so much to blog about, it seems, this weekend - disasters, charter schools, police... It's kind of nice to break it up this morning with some upbeat stuff from the mail.

First off - Looks like the Octoberfest in Algiers Point was a success! Wish I’d been there, but pix bring it closer, at least. (Thanks for sending the link, George.)

Next (I love this idea) - I’m going to hunt down a few six-packs of Fleur-de-Lis Restoration Ale from Abita Beer. I want a couple to share around with friends, and at least one to keep. They're planning to use the proceeds from this special issue for LA disaster recovery. If you're not sure where to get Abita Beer in your neck of the woods, click here for a geographical list of distributors.

I'd love to see all of the local businesses get wide support. Nothing will bring back the economy along the Gulf Coast faster than success at the local level (which reminds me that I need to stock up on Zatarain's...).

Finally – a friend sent a link to an incredibly powerful media presentation of the Katrina catastrophe. Thanks to him, I finally cried – really let go. So much anger and frustration that is expressed online about Katrina, I think, is a substitute for the mourning we all need to allow ourselves.

I’m not passing this link along because I think it’s sad, although much of it is. It has many joyous images, too. The human spirit shines so strongly in this presentation, though, that all the pain of the last six weeks just came right out. It was cathartic for me – I hope it is for you, too. Click here.