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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

36 Schools - Still Too Many

Some last gasp resistance efforts are being mounted here and there, but it really is starting to sound like the charter schools model will be coming into New Orleans very soon. From NOLA.com:

Blanco backs state takeover of N.O. schools

"I propose that the state step in and assume responsibility for that city's failing schools, using, among other things, the charter school model as one of the tools in our recovery efforts."

The article left me with the impression that this could have been handled long ago. If the State of Louisiana has had the ability to take over any “failing” school, why on earth has the situation been allowed to go for so long? 91 of the 127 schools meet the standard below:

Under current law, the state already has the power to take over a failing school, which is one that is determined to be "academically unacceptable" by state test scores

My trusty calculator tells me that this means 72% of the schools are unacceptable - yet the interim superintendent thinks the charters are "a rush to judgement". Hunh?

So – that would leave 36 schools that the School Board would still technically be permitted to run. I wonder whether that would be closer to manageable for them? I think if I were a parent whose school was still being run by this power-clutching group, I'd be looking for a voucher program to go along with those charters.

If you’re just coming up to speed on this issue (not sure how that could be, but one never knows), a prior post has more info and links.