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Friday, November 04, 2005

Americans in Denver

I think I’m going to check into Denver real estate. The people seem to be able to Walk the Walk about reforming drug legislation.

And in case you were wondering (since I’m a mom and all…) – Nope, I don’t smoke pot. People
who are yammering about how allowing an adult to legally carry up to an ounce of marijuana will “endanger their children”, or “turn Denver into the Pot City of America” obviously don’t understand marijuana. (It is MUCH less scary than alcohol.) Too bad Colorado’s state legislation overrides the local Denver ordinance.

What makes Denver so interesting, actually, is that while they are not alone in noticing the failed “War on Drugs” (what a pathetic joke), they are
unafraid to say so as voters.

From where I sit, this sounds like an All-American place to live. Good for them!


  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger Elijah Lynn said;

    Very Sensible blog, people are slowly coming to there senses and this is the beginning of the end.

    If I had a teenage daughter I would fear for them going to a party and getting wasted and taken advantage of vs going out and smoking some dope.

    People don't realise that the only reason pot is remotely considered a gateway drug is because the only avenue in which to buy it is through dealers who often sell the other drugs.

    If it were legal it would not be sold with other drugs. Alcohol KILLS what part do people not get about that.


    Thanks for letting me vent in your blog, PEACE

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