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Thursday, November 03, 2005

CNN Passes on Advice for Bush

There are some fun letters of advice to Bush on CNN.com. I can’t resist expanding on a couple of them:

Mary in California wrote:

We have so many issues at home that need to be addressed -- so many children living in poverty, so many people without access to health care, so many living on the streets with mental illness because they can't get medicine, so many poor children receiving a second-rate education, so many, many problems. It is time for America to look inward and to heal the wounds we have here.
As it happens, Mary’s statements align with my own thoughts. The US is an enormous glass house, and we just keep throwing those stones. It’s kind of embarrassing, don’t you think?

Carol from Indiana said:
Get rid of your advisers and begin to think for yourself.
Unfortunately, I think that when his advisers were distracted over the last few weeks, he did think for himself… and came up with Harriet Miers. Independent thought is not Bush’s forte.

Several people spoke to Bush’s cronyism and pandering to the religious right, although from different perspectives. Cheri in Colorado put it this way:
First, President Bush could help his approval ratings by getting off the evangelical tract!.

But from the opposite side of the fence came this, from Pedro in Florida:

Give full true backing (no lip service) to the people that voted twice to put a man in office to gain back our country. No euthanasia, no abortion, no persecution of Christians, no judicial tyranny, no homosexual privileges, no attacks on the institution of marriage, no attacks on the family, etc

Ouch, Pedro. That’s rather narrow-minded – and somewhat paranoid, too. Persecution of Christians? Goodness gracious - shades of the Coliseum in Rome.... Some stress-relief counseling seems in order there in Florida. (Too many hurricanes?)

All in all, the letters made for a fun read. Nobody seems to have solved the problems of the world, though. Sigh…