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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Corruption and Turf Wars? In NOLA? Nah...

Nobody’s gonna be surprised by the findings reported in this Houston Chronicle article: Panel investigating levee failure suspects contractor corruption

There are some belly-laughs to be found, though, like:

Leaders of the independent team said many of the system's maintenance and construction flaws appeared to stem from bad communication and turf disputes among local, state and federal agencies
C’mon now - turf disputes? In NOLA? No way! I mean, just look at the School Board! And didn't things just run smooth as silk after Katrina? Surely they're talking about some other agencies...

However, I'm not sure I see contractor shenanigans as a New Orleans or Louisiana-specific problem.
Shoddy construction discovered in the worst-damaged levees also suggested a "high likelihood" of corruption among the contractors who built them
So far, there's no evidence of bombs deliberately being set off. Sorry…but they’ll keep looking, I’m sure. Conspiracists don't have to despair yet.


  • At 10:42 AM, Blogger Ken said;

    And I thought it Bush who blew up the levees or little green men from the "Mother Ship" or whatever?

    I have an post on my blag about this too. I will give you a link!

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