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Sunday, November 27, 2005

He Who Laughs Last...

It’s one thing for a lowly blogger like me to suggest that Bush will only be able to salvage his presidency (and American credibility) by admitting that Iraq was a mistake. I am, after all, merely an opinionated American with one ineffectual vote. It’s another thing altogether when aljazeera.com says the same thing.

He would have gained his nation's and world’s respect if he just admitted his mistakes and assume responsibility, but it seems he’s not prepared or willing to do so.
What is Bush’s problem with admitting mistakes, one has to wonder? It seems a critical part of his upbringing was deficient; Barbara and George apparently dropped the ball, much to our national regret.

However, a comment to the al-Jazeera article brought out another pathetic aspect of the Iraq debacle.

how could saddam lose if he made a fool of some of the world's greatest intelligence agencies iraq 'lost' an illegal war.
I have to agree. Saddam Hussein may not hold power in Iraq anymore , but who looks like the fool?

Can't you just hear Saddam laughing?