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Saturday, November 19, 2005

I'm Ready for Something New

I’m sick of the tired choices we're always presented with in American presidential elections. For the last several “go ‘rounds”, my vote has ended up cast as either against a candidate, or for some "lesser of two evils". There never seems to be a good, clear choice. It would be oh-so-refreshing to have candidates who don’t fit either of the traditional molds and can level the playing field.

Admittedly, thinking about 2008 presidential elections now seems a bit like putting up Christmas decorations in October, but I can't help myself – and apparently I’m not alone. While
this morning’s speculations about Rudy v Hillary are interesting, they just don’t excite me like Condi v. Hillary.

Such a match-up would absolutely confound the pollsters and predictors in a way that Rudy and Hillary could never do. The usual voting patterns would fly totally out the window, as this unintentionally amusing analysis demonstrates.

Myself, I think that's a good thing. People would have to actually think -- to consider candidates on the issues themselves, rather than as cookie-cutter stereotypes of the right or left. How refreshing!

So what are the chances of such a match-up actually coming to fruition? The odds are pretty long, actually, and there have been no clear statements yet from anyone. However, it looks as if they may be starting "the dance".

Condoleezza Rice's public reconnection to her old stomping grounds in Birmingham, coupled with the recent Carteresque efforts over the Gaza Strip borders, were simultaneously high profile and personal. The entire Gaza negotiation seemed to be framed totally around Rice in the media -- ­ a possible taste of things to come as the GOP tries to find traction for the future.

What I haven't seen much of so far are indicators of Hillary's intent. Lots of hopefuls and objectors (and plenty of speculation), but nothing clear (Bill Clinton's recent remarks notwithstanding).

What I really like is that both Condi and Hillary are comparatively “moderate” (relative to their respective political party bases), and I think the pundits are right: it’s finally gonna be “cool” to be in the middle again. Thank goodness, cuz I’ve been feeling pretty darned voiceless as a voting American for quite a while; the radical right and left do not speak to or for me, and it's been frustrating.

It’s time for a change.