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Thursday, November 17, 2005

"Shock and Awe"

Okay – this is a rant. If you are a supporter of war (in general) in Iraq (in particular), then you should skip this particular blog entry.

For the last week or so, the MSM has been letting us know that we (the US) used white phosphorous as a weapon in Fallujah. Astounding. But it doesn't count, because although it burns the skin right off of living people, it's not a chemical weapon... so it's okay. Really.

The US had earlier said the substance - which can cause burning of the flesh - had been used only for illumination.

BBC defence correspondent Paul Wood says having to retract its denial is a public relations disaster for the US.

The Iraqi’s have been torturing their own prisoners. No way. But this one's okay, too - cuz they didn't actually kill anybody. Not a problem... truly.

"Nobody was beheaded or killed," a defiant Bayan Jabr told a news conference Thursday, saying that only seven of 170 detainees showed marks of torture.
I can hardly believe that these things are happening. Ohhhh, the shock to learn that our image is “tainted” .

A month before Iraq holds elections, Washington and the government it backs in Baghdad find themselves battling for credibility, rather than being able to tout progress towards democracy and human rights.
What did everybody think was going on over there? A picnic? A hoe-down?

Bad enough that the American public was “dismayed” and “disturbed” when our little Janeys and Johnnys were discovered torturing their prisoners (remember Abu Ghraib?). Now, we're hearing about lions, too. (LIONS????)

Folks, if you think our sons and daughters are being sent to a war with anything less than a targeted, focused hatred for the “enemy”, you are clueless. In basic training, they are given bayonets, with which they charge, screaming vicious epithets, at a straw dummy. Years ago, that straw dummy was a "Red" named Ivan. Any guesses what names they use today to dehumanize their "targets"?

War cannot be waged without virulent hate. It is not an academic exercise.

Why would the Shi’ites be torturing the Sunnis? THEY HATE THEM! The Sunnis – for decades – abused and tortured the Shi’ites. Was everybody expecting love and forgiveness?

This – right here – is why a preemptive strategy is wrong. War degrades everyone to the level of savages. No exceptions. "Suspicions and worries" of WMDs are not enough to justify the madness.

It makes me sick.

I’m done now.