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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Some Saturday Snippets

I can’t take a steady diet of riots, war, and politics, so I’m off to do something fun for the day. Thought I’d leave behind some upbeat things to read about:

The Saints and Louisiana have apparently
decided to “get along”, at least for the short-term (through 2006). Good job by Tagliabue and the NFL. Admittedly, it’s a band-aid – but it’s better than it was.

FEMA, in an apparent fit of lucid thought, has decided to award maximum relief $ to the residents of zipcodes/parishes deemed “presumed” destroyed. The thinking is that it will take too long to individually assess each individual house or circumstance. That almost
sounds like it make sense!

Finally – the newly formed Algiers Charter Schools Association Board has started
talking about dates and money. Personally, I think November 18 is kind of a long shot, and January is more likely. Hopefully, though, folks who have been trying to squash progress are done filling rooms with hot air, and will let things move forward without impediment.

I’m off to the Renaissance Fair. Enjoy your Saturday!