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Friday, November 11, 2005

Terry and the Saints

Since Tom doesn’t like NOLA anymore (and NOLA’s pretty much over Tom), hearing that Terry Bradshaw is pulling together an investment group to buy the Saints is a breath of fresh air!

"Our chief interest is seeing the Saints remain in Louisiana," he said. "If there was an ownership group that was needed to make that happen, we would certainly look into being a part of it."

Bradshaw, an NFL Hall of Fame quarterback, said he knows the deal is a long shot simply because current owner Tom Benson has said he isn't interested in selling the club.

I have to tell you – just hearing that somebody’s interested in keeping the Saints an integral part of Louisiana warms my heart. Even if Tom moves the team just out of spite, I’ll remember the gesture Terry Bradshaw has tried to make with this.
"I came out publicly because I just wanted the state of Louisiana to hear something positive about their Saints," Bradshaw said. "As a homegrown guy, I would do everything that I could to make sure that they do not lose their football team. . . . I want to keep everybody honest with the citizens of the state of Louisiana, primarily the city of New Orleans. It's not their fault that Katrina came in and did all the devastation it did."
Ummm… Terry? Did you check with Pat Robertson about whose fault Katrina was?