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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yes Tom - They're REALLY Mad at You

Sounds to me as if Tom Benson has discovered that Saints fans are really, truly ticked off at him. From WWLTV.com:

“My trip to Baton Rouge was a total disaster…” he wrote. “We were attacked by hecklers who shouted at me and my party and put my wife and family in danger.”
I do have to wonder about something, though. If there was no security for Tom and his family, who was it that led them “…through a hostile crowd on a very long route.”?

Unfortunately, I do believe there are people out there in the world who could, actually, get very ugly – perhaps even violently physical – with Tom Benson. That’s shameful, and I am sorry for his wife and family, in particular.

Like most Saints supporters, I’m very angry with him. That doesn’t extend to wishing him, or his family, personal harm. It’s not clear, though, that he was in danger at the stadium. On the other hand, nobody will miss him if he decides to watch the rest of the season games on his wide-screen at home.