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Monday, December 12, 2005

Come on, Saints!

I can see I’m not going to get anything interesting up on this blog before my day slams me into whirlwind mode. I’m absolutely scatter-brained this morning.

Just so you know, though… I’m planning to plant myself squarely in front of the television tonight to watch the Saints vs. Atlanta – not just because I love the Saints (I do), or because I don’t like Atlanta (I don’t, but that relates to loving the Saints).

Tonight, I’m also curious to see what the network will do with the Katrina protests planned for tonight’s game. I actually don't think they'll give it much coverage, but I could be wrong.

Even if they barely mention it, though, I'll still be in my chair... watching... and hoping for the best while expecting the worst. Some things just don't change.

Oh! And before I forget: I’m blowing a raspberry right here (pffffft) at Ed Sherman with the Chicago Tribune. Suggesting that tonight’s game is featuring duds put my hackles right up. (Did I mention I’m a Saints fan?)