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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Really, truly dumb

The truly dumb always astounds me, but the case of this 37-year-old woman in Georgia, who just married her 15-year-old lover (and is 7 months pregnant by same…) is one of the best examples I've seen in a while.

Yes, the woman must be abysmally stupid, but all by itself, that wouldn't qualify the story as astounding. W
hat makes the situation unique is the Georgia law which allowed them to wed.

It seems that a person can marry at any age there, without parental consent, if the bride-to-be is pregnant. Thus, an adult (no matter how old) could get a hormonally hyper-charged 14-year-old pregnant in Georgia, and then marry her – thereby avoiding a child-molestation charge.

Of course, since they've charged the woman with a bunch of sex crimes, I gather they only meant to provide the loophole to men.

Nice, huh? The whole situation reminds me of "Deliverance".