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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sneaky Stevens

Alaska’s Senator Stevens is a sneaky piece of work, eh? Thanks to his underhanded maneuvering, the Gulf Coast is faced (yet again) with tainted “help”.

This guy continues to tick me off. Remember the hissy fit he threw over the "Bridge to Nowhere? (They should've let him quit.)

Unlike the Bayou Buzz, I’m not willing to passively accept aid for the Gulf Coast at the expense of the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge. This should not be a choice between the planet and its people.

Between an up or down vote between women and children and livelihoods versus musk oxen and migratory birds many Louisiana citizens are hoping that the Democrats and some Republicans will put their anger aside regarding the process and realize that the decision is really a no brainer.

Caribou, oxen and migratory birds versus now migratory people—come on now, it´s a clean clearcut decision.


I’m going with Flavia Colgan’s suggestion; my little fingers are walking all over the phone dial. I hope they get that amendment stripped outta there! It's not just irrelevant, it effectively gives the Gulf Coast "blood money".


(If you need help finding phone numbers, I posted information in the forums last week.)

Update: Via Yahoo News:
Republicans in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday failed to muster enough votes to keep a measure to allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in a $453 billion defense spending bill.

Hold your breath. There's a chance yet...:

Democrats were expected to immediately move to seek a parliamentary ruling that the ANWR measure was not germane to the bill. However, they need 51 votes to win a vote on such a motion