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Friday, December 02, 2005

Unrequited Love

Folks, I’ve been a Saints fan forever – right back to before the depressing paper-bag Aint’s Days. We lavished love and (usually) forgiveness all over them, losing-season in and losing-season out. Even a good season (what year was that again?) was just lagniappe.

Yup. New Orleans and Terry Bradshaw love the Saints.

So now, after all these years and tears, can you believe this? Agents for the players think they’re going to have to demand extra money to play for New Orleans. Guess those astronomical salaries they get in the NFL just don’t cut it when there’s challenge or difficulty.

Tagliabue and Upshaw also have discussed the possibility of enacting special rules to provide financial inducements to players to re-sign or sign with the Saints, a proposal that has not been embraced by executives with other teams in the NFC South. But league officials say the Saints might need such measures to be competitive, and some agents say they couldn't envision their clients agreeing to play for the club next season without added economic incentive.
And here I’d just been assuming they loved us back.