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Thursday, December 29, 2005

We'll be there soon soon soon

Assuming everybody ever gets up, we get the hound fed and to the kennel, and we actually get into the car anytime soon (all of these are iffy), we’ll be in Algiers early this afternoon. (This probably means I won’t be blogging much…)

To say I’m looking forward to bringing in the New Year with my old friends and second family would understate things – but there are some mixed feelings all the way around.

As we prepared for this trip (mostly by procrastination and telling everybody about it), I had a glimpse into what Katrina’s media onslaught has done. The myths surrounding New Orleans and what people think is happening there are a reflection of how far the city’s reputation has fallen.

Two days ago, an intelligent, lucid, well-educated friend said, “Be careful there. The cops are shooting everybody.”

Last night (from another normally reasonable person) it was, “Are you bringing your gun? It’s very dangerous there.”

A year ago (hell - just six months ago!), when there were murders and violence all over the place, nobody said these things to me when I said we were off to NOLA. Talk about kicking somebody when they’re down.

Is this the net result of Katrina? Are people afraid of New Orleans now?

We’ll be there soon… soon… soon… and pfffffftt to all the nay-sayers! Where is Pollyanna when she’s needed, anyway?

Update: And for those of you who know what this means: I've got the gitfiddle. Puff cometh.