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Monday, December 05, 2005

Zero Tolerance and Shiny Shoes

The new head of the NOPD, Warren Riley has come out with his long-awaited (by me, anyway) announcement for the future of New Orleans' law enforcement. Unless something more substantial is forthcoming, this is quite a disappointment.

NOPD Chief announces promotions; pledges zero tolerance on misconduct

Promising to fire the bad apples and making sure everybody’s shoes are spit-shined doesn’t even begin to explain how they’re going to keep NOLA’s infamous crime-rate from rising from the ruins along with the city.

Is the plan, then, to just keep going with the old ways, and get rid of the problems when they crop up? That's hardly proactive or out of the box. C'mon, Chief, this just isn't enough.

(When I went looking for some source information on this, I ended up on the cityofnola.com official site for the NOPD. You’ll never believe who it lists as Police Chief. Three guesses….)