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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Algiers? I know it well...

Every now and again, I have to go poking around online to read what people were saying about Algiers out there in the world when the Katrina chaos was going on. Depending upon which combination of search terms I use, I can get anywhere from a couple hundred to several thousand hits.

Some of it’s really pretty funny. For instance: this morning's combination of words produced a site that spent a lot of energy trying to decide whether or not Algiers was part of New Orleans… and some of the arguing was done by folks who supposedly are from NOLA. No wonder the MSM couldn’t figure it out!

"This report" links to this report. I read the report, which of course does not, contrary to Ms. Malkin's claim, give any details about gun battles between roving thugs and armed citizens. And furthermore (prepare yourself for the punch line), it doesn't take place in New Orleans. It takes place in Algiers!

Algiers! Ring a bell? Algiers is that neighborhood across the bridge, whose police chief fired shots over the heads of a crowd to prevent them from "invading" their quiet little crime free town!

I wonder whether they ever figured out that the “incident on the bridge” was Jeff. Parish and Gretna?

(Polimom Kudos to the poor guy who actually did some research and tried to explain things...)