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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Playing BINGO in Lala-land

Just in case you were still doubtful that the Democrats have let go of the string tethering them to earth, here’s how the Houston group is planning to respond to this evening’s State of the Union address:

Join DEMOCRATS FOR PEACE at a protest to coincide with Tuesday evening's State of the Union address. We will gather at 7:00 PM for a rally with music, speeches, and chants. At 8:00 PM, when President Bush begins his State of the Union speech, we bring on the noise and drown out Bush's lies with kazoos, signs, noisemakers, and anti-war mantras. We will demand that Bush and his cronies be held accountable. Please bring signs, banners, pots, pans, stickers, flyers, metal spoons, wooden spoons, noisemakers, costumes, instruments, buttons, or anything else that you think will reinforce our anti-Bush, anti-war message. Come out and join fellow progressive activists to protest the fascist, divisive, and unconstitutional acts of the Bush administration!

Dunno about you, but I have a clear vision of my daughter, at age 2, with her fingers in her ears and eyes screwed shut, singing “La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la”. (It wasn't cute when she did it, either.)

The more this kind of infantile behavior goes on, the more likely the United States is to remain in the hands of the radical right (these people scare me). Seems like the Dems can’t get a clue even if it’s fed to them through a tube.

I’m thinking the watch parties sound like more fun (via Slate):

At the Center for Global Development party, participants will play "SOTU bingo" listening for references to "HIV/AIDS," "trade," and "Africa" in the speech. Each time Bush says one of those phrases, players mark the box on their card, screaming "Bingo!" if they get a full plate. (They win mugs and T-shirts). Given how little Bush talks about those issues, the cards also have boxes with filler words like "peace," "freedom," and "democracy" that are more likely to be mentioned.

I bet nobody will hit a BINGO if their cards contain the terms “New Orleans” or “levees”. I think “terrorism” outta be the center freebie spot, though. We'll probably hear that one a lot.

I can hardly wait.