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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

X vs Y - carpool insights

Here’s the kind of weird stuff that can happen to parents driving carpools:

Yesterday, coming out of the city with five kids in the car (4 female, 1 male), the boy pops off with,

“Males are superior to females.”

The mom (me) puts antenna up immediately, and thus is paying close attention when one of the girls responds,

“Well, I know that God made woman from man, so I guess that makes sense… except that God probably used dirt and sticks and stuff on the man in the first place.”

I about drove off the road.

Still gotta have a conversation with my daughter about why I am not allowed to tell kids my opinions on this type of stuff when it totally disagrees with their parents. (That whole biblical approach to gender superiority kinda bugs me, ya know?) She was pretty outraged.

Given a free reign, though, I’d have stomped on both of the little turkeys. [smile]