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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A new home for Polimom

Polimom is moving has moved!


Originally (long months ago), polimom.com was dedicated to the people in Algiers, and New Orleans, so they could regroup after Katrina, check on each other, their houses, find out about insurance problems... you name it.

But now, six months later, Polimom is reclaiming the domain name and moving off of blogger.

The old forums have been preserved in the new location as a Katrina archive. (You can find them here.)

I've also imported all the posts from blogger, and I'll probably spend the rest of my life categorizing them! (No - seriously....) Okay. Maybe not. Maybe just some....

I know this is an inconvenience for many folks, who have set up RSS feeds, etc., from this site. I'm very sorry to be a pain, but I really was about to go nuts with all the up/down time here.

So come see me at Polimom... I'll be looking for you! (And don't forget to change your bookmarks!)