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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What excites the MSM?

Let's see...

More rioting in the Muslim world about the cartoons.

(MSM: Yawn...)

Hmmm... Carlie Brucia's killer whines and snivels about his tough life.

(MSM: snore...)

New Orleans gets a hospital opened!

(MSM: Where's New Orleans again?)

The White House didn't tell us IMMEDIATELY about a hunting accident!


The man accidently shot by Cheney has a heart attack from bird-shot lodged in his heart.

(MSM: Was that the guy Cheney didn't want to tell us about?)

Polimom actually thinks this last one outranks the ridiculous hysteria about Cheney's press-release protocols by rather a lot. But then... I'm not the MSM.

Thank goodness we all have something to get excited about today.

Update 7:15pm: I guess I don't pass the inkblot test. I really dislike the current administration, but I still think the MSM has lost its metaphorical marbles over the "Cheney's Got a Gun" event.