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Friday, September 23, 2005

Conditions in Katy - 3:00pm Friday

The wind is just starting to pick up a bit now, although in general I'd still describe this as a brisk breeze. Still sunny, too, though the clouds are increasing.

Most of my neighbors who hit the roads for points west and/or north returned home this morning. They all had horror stories to tell. One of them never got out of Katy! (wow...)

I walked around a bit with my camera, hoping to get shots of preparations in my neighborhood, but found only two houses with plywood on the windows.

Actually, one of them improvised with fence boards, and I've seen other interesting ideas, including sheets (outside the windows) and cardboard (inside the windows). (Note: I'm not suggesting these as a solution by any means... lol... )

I haven't decided yet whether the lack of preparation suggests confidence that the storm would miss, or inability to locate materials (that's my excuse). I suppose my first guess (Wednesday evening) that people would use the plywood as a food source is still viable.

The two primary emotions I've encountered on the block are
1) nonchalance, or 2) panic. Doesn't matter much at this point, though, what one thinks will happen. The game is now in play.

More later...